Comprehensive Guide to Solving Blocked Drains in Reading

When it comes to the unpleasant inconvenience of blocked drains in Reading, it’s essential to have a comprehensive plan to resolve the issue promptly. Blocked drains can lead to severe problems if left unchecked. These include unpleasant odours, unsanitary conditions, and even damaging leaks. This comprehensive guide will provide you with an understanding of the causes, prevention methods, and ultimate solutions for blocked drains in Reading.

Blockages can be a result of various factors such as the build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) residue, blocked drains reading accumulation of hair, food waste, miniature objects, toiletries, tree roots penetrating the drain pipes, and a build-up of leaves and silt. Identifying the cause of the blockage can assist in determining the most efficient method of unblocking the drain.

Prevention is always better than cure. To lower the chances of blocked drains, avoid flushing slow-biodegradable items such as baby wipes, cotton buds, sanitary items, and nappies. Regular maintenance through professional cleaning can also help prevent long-term blockages that can be costly to fix.

However, despite preventative measures, blocked drains may still occur. Several methods exist that you can apply to unclog a blocked drain at home:

1. **Use of Plungers**: A plunger can clear minor blockages caused by food and hair build-up. Simply place the plunger over the drain, make sure a vacuum is created, and then apply force by pushing and pulling the plunger handle.

2. **Use of Chemicals**: Certain supermarket products can dissolve the materials causing the blockages. Make sure to follow the instructions properly to ensure effectiveness and safety. Please remember chemicals should be used sparingly as they can cause harm to the environment and may cause damage to your drainage pipes if overused.

3. **Use of Plumber’s Snake**: Also known as a drain rod, this tool can create a force that dislodges the blockage.

4. **High-pressure Water Jets**: These machines release water at high pressure that can efficiently clear blocked drains.

When dealing with blocked drains outside of the house or a recurring blockage, it’s wise to call in the professionals. Drainage service companies in Reading are well equipped with tools and machinery to deal with any kind of blocked drain.

If the blockage is stubborn and can’t be resolved through the methods mentioned above, the professionals may use further technical procedures such as:

1. **CCTV Drain Surveys**: They use a high-tech CCTV camera to evaluate the actual issue inside the drainage system. This sophisticated equipment provides real-time visuals and reports, and accurately locates where the blockage is.

2. **Drain Jetting**: This process involves jetting high-pressure water through the drains to dislodge blockages. With powerful flow rates, drain jetting machines can clear blockages forces that can’t be dislodged using manual methods.

3. **Drain Excavation**: This approach is simply the last resort if a blockage problem can’t be solved using other techniques. It involves excavating and replacing the section of the drain that is blocked.

By understanding the various causes and solutions for blocked drains in Reading, you will be better equipped to tackle minor issues and necessary preventative measures. For more complex blockages, don’t hesitate to call a professional drain cleaning service. This comprehensive guide offers insights into effective methods to tackle the inconvenience of blocked drains and can help maintain effective drainage systems for homes in Reading.